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Welcome to Pan Ocean Singapore Pte Ltd

Established in 1992, Pan Ocean has grown from a small trading company to a well established and well recognized international trading house with integrated seafood processing factories in China, Indonesia and fishery products collecting station all over Asia. After years of self improvement and development, our group of experienced and professional management teams and production staffs guarantee highly efficient services, premium quality products and of course competitive prices.
Fish Fillet
A wide variety of beautiful fish fillets available for instance Salmon, Chinese Promfet, Grouper etc.
Shell Products
We feature a wide variety of bivalves like oysters, scallops with roe, mussels etc.
Prawns & Shrimps
Savour the flavor of the sea with our range of prawns and shrimps products.
Wide variety of fresh fish available.
Our cephalopod includes squid, cleaned/whole, baby octopus, baby cuttlefishes etc.
Miscscellaneous seafood products like breaded oysters, crab meat stick etc…

Company Profile

An international seafood trading house with a seafood processing factory and collecting stations all ever the world.Established in 1992, Pan Ocean Singapore has grown from a small trading company to a well established and recognized international trading.

Our directors, Mr Desmond Leow and Mr Vincent Leow, have been in the seafood trade Years before setting up Pan Ocean Singapore. Having more than forty years of knowledge in the seafood trade makes both of them a walking seafood directory.

With their leads, after years of constant self improvement and expansion, our group of professional management team and production staffs guarantees highly efficient services, premium quality products and competitive prices.

International Trading and Marketing

Pan Ocean offers a great varieties of seafood products. Most of the products are collected and produced in our processing plants situated in different parts of SouthEast Asia. In additions, we purchase territorial seafood from all year the world. With a wide variety of seafood available, we can consolidate and export your seafood orders into a mixed container from Singapore.

Backed by over 20 years of experience and commitment, adopting the professional business practices of Singapore, we are able to save you time, money and a peace of mind.


Wholesaling / Retailing

Pan Ocean is the major supplier of seafood products in Singapore as well as regionally. From all our collecting stations, associated companies and our own processing plants, we have the widest range of fishery products, offering from raw material directly from the sea to valued added and ready to cook cuisine. We abide to all import regulation and food hygiene of Singapore, all imported consignment has to be sent for bacteriological testing by the AVA of Singapore before approval for local sale.

Our Business Partners

Pan Ocean Xiamen Co. Ltd
YuanXin Foodstuff Co; Ltd. FDA approval No:3500/02100)

This plant mainly process frozen seafood, such as oysters, chinese scallop, squids, crab meats, mackerel etc.

The plant is located in the southern part of China where the coast is abundant with all kinds of seafood and marine products. In addition, the low labor cost enables us to offer very competitive prices. Our well trained and experience quality controllers regulate the quality standard of
our products, enforcing stringent food safety along with international practices. This applies to all our contracted HACCP plants where landing and culturing of raw materials or marine products are available.

Main markets are USA, EU, Korea, Japan, and South East Asia


Pl Megah Mulia Citra Nasantara

PT Juta Jelita EU approval no046.02.B)

Our two Indonesia plants in Medan and Jakarta, process all types of Fishery products, mainly Frog legs, Ribbon Fish, Snapper, Prawn (Tiger and white cultured).HACCP certified standard for quality products, safe and hygiene food.Indonesia has the longest coastal line in S.E.A. and very rich in marinae resources. Besides our own production plant, we also have many associated companies and contracted plants (Surabaya, Sulawesi, Jambi, Padang and Ambon) which enable us to fulfill your desired products and requirements.

A&O Food Industries (M) Sdn Bhd

A&O Aquaculture Trading Sdn Bhd

lncoporated in 1995, farming shrimps as their core business, A&O has since developed from a traditional, small-scale business into a global standard industry. Technological advances have led to growing shrimp at ever higher densities and by implementing biosecurity farming system, they have minimized risks, brought down the cost of prawn farming and passed on the benefits to their business partners and the end consumers.

They have integrated 3 main goals into their farming practises.
– Environmental stewardship,
– Sustainable farming profitability and
– A prosperous farming community.

These, aimed at developing and promoting a more sustainable farming environment.

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